Major Events

Cast & Crew



Executive Producers

  • Sheryl Leach 
  • Dennis DeShzer 


  • Dean Wendt
  • Mckee Smith 


  • Mark S. Bernthal 
  • Mitch Lobrovich 
  • Rebecca Self Snider 
  • Stephen White
  • Perri Verdino-Gates
  • Shields Freeman
  • Frank Olsen
  • Pat Reeder
  • Deborra Murphy
  • Sandra J. Payne
  • Noreen Davis
  • Mitch Loborvich
  • Donna Cooner
  • Troy Charles
  • Evan Viola


  • Bruce Deck
  • Steven Feldman
  • Jim Rowley
  • Dwin Towell
  • Garry Potts
  • John Grable
  • Larry Baker (Assistant Director)
  • Terrie Davis (Assistant Director)
  • Alexander Laughton
  • Penny Wilson (Performance Director)


  • Jim Rowley (Supervising Producer)
  • Ben Vaughn (Senior Consulting Producer)
  • Linda Houston (Consulting Producer)
  • John Grable
  • Dennis DeShazer
  • Jeff Gittle

Music Director

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