"At Home with Animals" is the 13th episode from Season 3 of Barney & Friends.


A rainstorm is on the way, so Barney and his friends go up in the treehouse where they discover a bird's nest. This leads to a lesson on animals and their different types of homes that they live in.

Edacational Theme: Animal Homes Stories: None


Song List

  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. If All the Raindrops
  3. Itsy Bitsy Spider
  4. I Can Laugh
  5. Baby Bumblebee
  6. The Little Turtle
  7. Hooray for Moms and Dads
  8. Rickey Raccoon
  9. I Love You


  • There are two versions of the "Barney Says" segment. One shows a part about Shawn sneezing because he is allergic to animal hair. This version only aired from March to August 1995. Another version shows a part about the bees. This version is the standard airing version since September 27, 1995. PBS Kids Sprout also had the standard airing version of this episode.
  • This is the last time Kathy and Tosha appeared together but they will again in Sing and Dance with Barney.
  • Kathy wore the same pair of pants in On the Move and Are We There Yet?.
  • Tosha wore the same outfit in On the Move

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