Baby Bop Lost Her Yellow Blankey is a custom Barney Home Video for Season 3 released in February 13, 1996.


Baby Bop loves her yellow blankey so much but it's lost. Stacy, BJ, and the other kids will find out if they know where to find it.


  • Stacy (Alyssa Franks)
  • Baby Bop (Voice: Julie Johnson / Body: Jeff Ayers)
  • BJ (Voice: Patty Wirtz / Body: Jeff Brooks)
  • Twinkle the Elf (Margaret Pyeatt)
  • Shawn (John David Bennett, II)
  • Tosha (Hope Cervantes)
  • Jason (Kurt Dykhuizen)
  • Scott (Kirk Cameron)
  • Seth (Bug Hall)
  • Bruno (Michael Caloz)
  • Caroline (Sara Paxton)


  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. It's a Beautiful Day
  3. My Yellow Blankey
  4. Where Oh Where Has My Blankey Gone?
  5. Try and Try Again
  6. Looby Loo
  7. Mr. Knickerbocker
  8. The Little Turtle
  9. The Ants Go Marching
  10. Write a Story (tune: Are You Sleeping)
  11. BJ's Song
  12. Taking Turns
  13. Three Bears Rap
  14. Baby Bop's Blankey
  15. Friends are Forever
  16. Friendship Song
  17. Think of Me
  18. Let's Play Together
  19. I Love You

End Credit Music

  1. My Yellow Blankey
  2. The Little Turtle
  3. Write a Story
  4. Let's Play Together


  • Barney has his Season 3 voice and 1994-1997 costume.
  • Baby Bop has her Season 2-3 voice and 1996-1997 costume.
  • BJ has his Season 3 voice and 1996-1997 costume.
  • The Barney costume for this video is also used in "Up We Go!".
  • The musical arrangements for "Campfire Sing-Along" is also used in this video.
  • Shawn wears the same clothes in "Up We Go!".
  • Tosha wears the same clothes in "I Can Be a Firefighter!" and the same hairstyle in "Once Upon a Time".
  • Jason wears the same clothes in "A Welcome Home".
  • Scott wears different clothes.
  • Seth wears different clothes.
  • Bruno wears different clothes.
  • Caroline wears different clothes.
  • When Baby Bop arrives from the classroom and says "Hi, everybody", the sound clip is taken from "Once Upon a Time".
  • When BJ arrives from the classroom and says "Hi, everybody! What ya doing?!", the sound clip of "Hi, everybody" is taken from "Barney's Sense-Sational Day" and the sound clip of "What ya doing?!" is taken from "I Can Be a Firefighter!".

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