Baby Bop Makes Green Paint in Cooking Class is a custom Barney & Friends home video for Season 3 that was released on November 30, 1995.


Baby Bop and her friends go to cooking class to make whatever they want. Carlos makes tacos, Kathy makes chocolate chip cookies, Julie makes pepperoni pizza, Min makes pansit, Sofia makes lasagna, BJ makes pickle fries, and Baby Bop makes green paint. And after Barney tasted Baby Bop's green paint, Baby Bop made him very sick and she got grounded for 5 days.


  • Barney (Voice: Bob West / Body: David Joyner)
  • Baby Bop (Voice: Julie Johnson / Body: Jeff Ayers)
  • BJ (Voice: Patty Wirtz / Body: Jeff Brooks)
  • Kathy (Lauren King)
  • Carlos (Corey Lopez)
  • Min (Pia Manalo)
  • Sofia (Catherine Sutherland)
  • Julie (Susannah Wetzel)
  • Baby Bop's Mom (Voice: Patty Wirtz / Body: Adam Brown)
  • Baby Bop's Dad (Voice: Tom Kenny / Body: David Voss)
  • Darth Vader (Robert O'Connell)
  • Princess Peach (Samantha Kelly)
  • Princess Daisy (Deanna Mustard)


  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. People Helping Other People
  3. In the Kitchen
  4. Lookie! It's A Taco!
  5. Lookie! It's A Cookie!
  6. Make the Dough
  7. Nothing Beats a Pizza
  8. The Pansit Song (Tune: David Byrne - Main Title Theme (The Last Emperor))
  9. Nothing Beats Lasagna
  10. Pickle Fries (Tune: Blue - Cryin' in My Sleep)
  11. Mix A Color
  12. This Is Not My Day
  13. We're Gonna Teach My Sister A Lesson
  14. Forgive Me


  • Barney has his Season 3 voice and 1995 costume.
  • Baby Bop has her Season 3 voice and 1995 costume.
  • BJ has his Season 3 voice and 1995 costume.
  • The song, "The Pansit Song" uses Anita Mui's musical arrangements from her album, "Dreaming of a Total of Drunk".
  • The song "Pickle Fries" uses Grasshopper's musical arrangements from their album of the same name on December 20, 1990.
  • The song, "Mix a Color" was only sung for 1 verse.
  • The vomit from Barney after he tastes Baby Bop's green paint is computer-animated.
  • This video is closed-captioned by Captions Inc. Los Angeles.


Quote 1:

  • (after the "Barney Theme Song")

Quote 2:

  • (after the song, "People Helping Other People")

Quote 3:

  • (after the song, "In the Kitchen")

Quote 4:

  • (after the song, "Lookie! It's a Taco!")

Quote 5:

  • (After the song, "Lookie! It's a Cookie!")

Quote 6:

  • (after the song, "Make the Dough")

Quote 7:

  • (after the song, "Nothing Beats a Pizza")

Quote 8:

  • (after the song, "The Pansit Song")

Quote 9:

  • (after the song, "Nothing Beats Lasanga")

Quote 10:

  • (After the song, "Pickle Fries")

Quote 11:

Quote 12:

  • (after the song, "Mix A Color")
  • Barney: Wow! This tastes delicious!
  • Baby Bop: Yeah, it sure is. Here, Barney. Try some.
  • Barney: Okay. (he scoop the green paint with a spoon and tries it) Eww! Baby Bop, what is this?!
  • Baby Bop: Green paint. I made it myself!
  • Barney: (vomiting on the floor) (yelling angrily) Baby Bop, you're in big trouble!

Released Dates

  • November 30, 1995 (Original BHV print)
  • October 8, 1996 (Paramount/Nickelodeon print)
  • February 6, 1997 (Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection print)
  • June 11, 1998 (20th Century Fox Home Entertainment print)
  • August 12, 1999 (Columbia TriStar Home Video print)