Barney the Dinosaur  is a two hundred million year (two dinosaur years) old, six-foot tall, purple-and-green Tyrannosaurus Rex with a green tummy, who comes to life through a child's imagination. He is best known for his friendly, silly, and optimistic attitude.


Barney likes to play with his friends and to give them advice.  He's good at singing, dancing, magic tricks and making his friends smile.  


Barney is a loving, wise, caring, playful, and a kind father figure. He' s great at helping his friends out. He speaks as a voice of reason when they are mad or sad. He never gets mad, but he will be patient and mature about certain aspects of life.


Barney is purple with a green tummy and yellow toes.  He has five green spots on his back and three spots on his tail. His shade of purple has varied through the years, because when he first appeared on The Backyard Show, he was a dark violet while almost resembling an actual T-Rex. His bottom jaw was moved in a similar way to Big Bird's(one the performer's hands moving the jaw and the other one in an arm), but that changed after 1990.   His toes were long and seperate at first, but after Barney in Concert, they were officially redesigned along with the rest of his body. His skin is as soft when he comes to life as well as when he's in his small plush form.  He's known for his purple mitten-like hands and his dull, toothy smile. His eyes are black with white pupils, and his eyelids are usually low to make him seem old. 


Barney was first created in 1987 by Sheryl Leach, who was looking for a way to entertain her then 2 year old son, Patrick. Originally, Barney was going to be a blanket. When that was proven to be too hard, he became a teddy bear who came to life. Patrick was fascinated by a dinosaur exhibit at a museum, particularly the Tyrannosaurus rex. In response, Sheryl made Barney a T. Rex. Kathy Parker, a fellow teacher-turned-mother who had helped Sheryl create the character, agreed to the change, but on the condition that he was not to appear menacing (a realistic t-rex would have scared her daughter Kaitlin). In the end, he was colored purple to appeal to both genders (Leach had a thing for the color purple as well) and had his features softened (i.e. "toe balls" in place of claws).


Costume Actors

Voice Actors


  • Super-Dee-duper!
  • Tee-rific!
  • Stu-u-u-pendous
  • That was fun!
  • Oh, boy! Oh, boy!
  • Remember, I love you!
  • Whoop-dee-doo!
  • Shimbaree, Shimbaraw! Shimbaree,...SHIMBARAW!


  • Barney also made an appearance with Dolly Patton in 2004 to open her Hollywood amusement park.
  • Anti-Barney Humor
  • Barney also takes a major role in Barney, Dora & Friends as Dora's first best friend and as her guardian.


  • When he first appeared in 1988, Barney had a deep, mature tone in his voice and a deep blue-violet, but as the years went by, his voice got even higher to make him sound younger. His shade of purple also varied.
  • Since "Waiting for Santa", Barney has been a magenta color technically. Since then he has changed his appearance slightly and gotten a lighter magenta color over time. Despite this, his color is only claimed as purple by HIT Entertainment.
  • Some concept names for Barney were Cosby, Colby, and Danny.
  • Although Barney's birthday has been celebrated five times on the series (including Birthday Bash), he remains over 200 million years old.
  • Barney's favorite foods are peanut-butter sandwiches (with a glass of milk), vegetables, pumpernickel bread, and pistachios (as of Season 11)
  • Barney has a pet stegosaurus named Spike, who transforms into different breeds of dog to keep his secret identity hidden.
  • Barney's not too often known to wear clothes except when he's pretending or when he's at a random place. But in the cartoon series, Barney, Dora & Friends, Barney would sometimes either wear a striped shirt /w blue jeans and sneakers or his propeller hat.

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