• Barney: It's the airport.
  • BJ: Look.
  • Barney: Use your imagination all of them.
  • (fades to the airport)
  • Barney: Okay, passengers, get ready for take off.
  • BJ, Baby Bop & Kids: Yeah.
  • (the airplane starts to go slow)
  • Barney: Uh-Oh.
  • Keesha: What's wrong Barney, What's wrong.
  • Hannah: Do you think there's a problem with the airplane.
  • Barney: Aw.
  • Baby Bop: Why do you think what there's something wrong with the airplane, Barney.
  • BJ: Yes.
  • Barney: Well, I think there's something wrong the airplane. Hold on everybody.

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