Barney's Career Fun is a Custom Barney Home Video for Season 3 released in January 20, 1995.


Barney takes B.J, Baby Bop and the kids to a costume shop to try costumes for their favorite career jobs: a train driver (Michael), a firefighter (Maria), a gardener (Jason), a pizza baker (Kim), a doctor (BJ) and a bakery woman (Baby Bop)


  • Barney
  • B.J.
  • Baby Bop
  • Maria
  • Michael
  • Kim
  • Jason


  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Just Imagine
  3. When I Wanna Be
  4. When I Grow Up
  5. The Career March
  6. Down By The Station
  7. Little Red Cabbose
  8. When I'm a Firefighter
  9. Hurry, Hurry, Drive the Firetruck
  10. Growing
  11. What Makes a Flower Smell Pretty?
  12. Make the Dough
  13. Nothing Beats a Pizza
  14. A Doctor is a Friend of Mine
  15. Keep Your Sneeze to Yourself
  16. Pat a Cake
  17. Mish Mash Soup
  18. Make the Pasta (tune to: Make the Dough)
  19. It's Good to Be Home
  20. I Love You


  • Barney has his Season 3 voice and 1994-1997 costume.
  • B.J. has his Season 3 voice and 1995 costume.
  • Baby Bop has her Season 3 voice and 1995 costume.
  • The Barney costume used in this episode was also seen in "Room For Everyone".
  • The musical arrangements used in this episode were also heard in "I Can Be A Firefighter".
  • During BJ's doctor job, Maria has a sneezing cold and needs to get rid of it.
  • When Maria sneezes, the sound clips are BJ's from "Good Clean Fun", except they are pitched down to -1 and mixed with Maria's 1994-1996 voice.

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