Barney's Exercise and Dance Day! is a custom barney home video fo Season 5 that is released on August 13, 1999.


After Emily's mom taught her alot of exercises and dances, Emily wishes for an a great exercise day so, Barney plans a whole day of exercising and dancing.



Baby Bop








1.Barney Theme Song

2.It's a Great Day

3.The Exercise Song

4.Exercise is Good for You

5.Move Your Body

6.Exercising Won't You Come and Join Me?

7.When you Have a Ball

8.The Gaggle Giggle Waggle Dance


10.Shape Up Freeze

11.The Clapping Song

12.Snackin' On Healthy Food

13.The Running Song

14.Do Some Exercise

15.Growing Big and Tall

16.The Baby Bop Hop

17.Looby Loo

18.Look at Me, I'm Dancing!

19.The Dino Dance

20.I Love You


The Season 5-6 Musical arrangement used in this video are also used on "You Can Do It!".

The Season 4-6 Barney doll used in this video was also seen in "Barney's Halloween Party".

The Barney doll sits on the playground at the beginning, but in the classroom at the end.

The previews are the same as Barney's Night Before Christmas.

The Barney doll wears a tap-dancing outfit at the end.

The Barney costume ued in this video was a silimar to the ones from Season 5 1998-1999 episodes/only episode use Season 6 3 episodes/videos (Itty Bitty Bugs, Barney's Night Before Christmas, Five Kinds of Fun!, Let's Play School, Sweet as Honey, Try i'll You Like It!, Trading Places, Seven Days a Week, Books Are Fun!, Easy Does It!, etc).

This has a medley of Look at Me, I'm Dancing, The Exercise Song and Exercise is Good For You in the credits.

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