Barney's Island Adventure is a custom home video for Season 6 that was release on July 2, 2002. it uses the same musical arrangments from Barney's Beach Party.


Barney and his friends go on a sailing ship to travel to treasure island. along the way on the island, they put on sunscreen, and sunglasses, hunt for seashells and rocks, explorer the island safari, go down by the bay, build a sandcastle, meet some speckled frogs, go fishing, go under the sea, and look for the secret treasure on the island.


  • Barney
  • Baby Bop
  • BJ
  • Danny
  • Jeff
  • Kim
  • Keesha
  • Molly The Mermaid
  • Rainbow Beard The Pirate


1. Barney Theme Song

2. Just Imagine

3. Sailing Medley [Sailing, Sailing/A Sailor Went To Sea, Sea, Sea]

4. Sailing Out Over The Ocean

5. I'd Love To Sail

6. That's What An Island Is

7. Mister Sun

8. A Hunting We Will Go

9. Ten Little Seashells

10. The Rocks Rap

11. Jungle Adventure

12. Down By The Bay

13. Castles So High

14. Three Little Speckled Frogs

15. The Fishing Song

16. Swimming, Swimming

17. If I Lived Under The Sea

18. Ten Little Fishes

19. There's a Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea

20. A Hunting We Will Go [Reprise]

21. The Rainbow Song

22. Just Imagine [Reprise]

23. It's Good To Be Home

24. I Love You


  • these kids [Danny, Jeff, Kim, and Keesha] also appeared in Barney's Beach Party [with Emily].
  • this video uses the Barney costume from Barney's Beach Party.
  • this video uses the Baby Bop costume from Let's Go To The Zoo.
  • this video uses the BJ costume from You Can Be Anything.
  • this marks the return of Molly The Mermaid since A Day At The Beach.
  • this also marks the return of Rainbow Beard The Pirate since The Treasure Of The Rainbow Beard.
  • after singing Barney and his friends sing the I Love You song together, the kids leave and the Barney doll wears a sailor's outfit at the end.

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