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[after the Barney Theme Song] [we opened up and robert is going up the treehouse

Robert: look Barney, here at the treehouse and it's fun to play at the treehouse. [music starts for Welcome To Our Treehouse]

Robert: Welcome To Our Treehouse, a pretend that you can be house, waving in this big old tree and it's a really fun place it be. the treehouse can be our great big ship and sail the deep blue sea, ahoy i'm captain robert la foot of the SS Happy Tree. Welcome To Our Treehouse, a pretend that you can be house, way up in this big old tree, it's a really fun place to be, Welcome To Our Treehouse. [music ends for Welcome To Our Treehouse]

Stephen, Jeff, Danny, and Keesha: [after the song Welcome To Our Treehouse] hi, robert.

Robert: oh, hi Stephen, Jeff, Danny, and Keesha, what's going on.

Stephen: we'll were about to go to the playground.

Robert: oh, can i help?

Jeff: sure, and be careful don't drop barney on the way to the ground.

Robert: OK.

Stephen: let's go to the playground now and let's go.

Robert: OK, Everyone. but wait for me.

Danny: careful robert, you might drop your barney doll on the way to the playround.

Robert: Oh! No!

[the barney doll drops, fell down the treehouse steps, and falling down on the playground]

Stephen: Robert! i ask you to go to the school playground, and you drop the barney doll on the way.

Robert: i'm sorry, i didn't mean too, it wasn't accident. you are OK barney.

Barney: [after he comes to life] i'm fine.

Robert: Barney!

Barney: hi, Robert.

Stephen, Jeff, Danny, and Keesha: Barney!

Barney: hi, Stephen, hi Jeff, hi Danny, and hi Keesha. what are you doing.

Robert: we'll, i was going up the treehouse and talk to my other friends and i was going to the playground. and sorry Barney, i didn't mean to fall down the treehouse steps, it wasn't accident.

Barney: that's OK, Robert, i'll be more careful next time.

Robert: OK.

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