Barney's Let's Play Safety is a 1994 Barney & Friends special.


Barney teaches the kids how to be safe. Along the way, Baby Bop & BJ come by.


Barney (body costume: David Joyner/voice: Bob West)

Baby Bop (body costume: Jeff Ayers/voice: Julie Johnson)

BJ (body costume: Jeff Brooks/voice: Patty Wirtz)

Antonio (Christian Buenaventura)

Gwen (Stephanie Koyano)

Phil (Spencer Liff)

Marion (Michelle Montoya)

Marty (Eric Stretch)

Tina (Jessica Zucha)


  • Antonio wore the same clothes in "Barney's Purple Fun!"
  • This is Gwen's first appearance.
  • This is also Phil's first appearance.
  • Marion wore different clothes.
  • Marty wore different clothes.
  • Tina wore the same clothes in "Look at Me, I'm Three!".

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