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Barney and Landon Burke

Barney: The Movie is an 85 minute feature-film released in theaters on December 25, 2014. It is Barney's first movie in 16 years and is a sequel to Barney's Great Adventure. The film was released by Universal Pictures and produced by Touchstone Pictures in association with HiT Entertainment.


Landon, Mike and Jenna Burke are moving to a new town in Vail. Jenna is saddened to be displaced from her most treasured friends and doubts she will ever make new ones. When Mike and Landon start to feel the same way, Barney comes to life and gives them an energy boost. Then at night, a big winter storm hits causing all the big wind blowing, freezing rain falling, and hitting the wires that makes all the lights and the power going out, and Barney and the kids use flashlights to make shadows, and go to sleep until the winter storm is over. When Jenna finds him by the garden in the morning, she goes to ask Barney what he thinks. He says that he has to be with his family for the holidays (the movie takes place during the holiday season) and that they have to get him back to his home in the woods. But he gets lost out in the open. So Barney and the kids take The Adventure Bus to Vail Village to look for him in the Founder's Festival. But he is captured on a train for Galvin's Animal Shelter. So they chase after it with an imaginary mine cart, but are transfered on to the Abandoned track, where they meet a group of boys living by themselves in a cave. Barney then finds out that their animals were taken by Mr. Galvin too. They say they payed the money but never gave the animals back. Then BJ, Baby Bop and Riff show up. So Barney and the gang go to help the animals at the shelter, or prison. When they get the animals out and Mr. Galvin's business shuts down, Barney releases the animals and everyone goes home but everyone gets caught in an avalanche where Barney "falls" off the cliff but survives by the power of his imagination. Everyone is happy that Barney is alive when they finally go home, and the boys return to their mothers. On Christmas morning, Barney grants all the Burke family's wishes. The movie ends with Barney saying goodbye to the kids and him winking.


Barney: Dean Wendt/ Carey Stinson

BJ: Patty Writz/ Kyle Nelson

Baby Bop: Julie Johnson/ Jeff Ayers

Riff: Michael Dietz/ Adam Brown

Musical Numbers

Beautiful Day by Landon and Mike

Just To Have A Friend by Jenna

Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf

Can't Buy Me Love by Michael Buble

Just Imagine by Barney, Landon and Mike

Home for the Holidays by The Animals

Song For You by Bridget Mendler

Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Hereos

I Love You


  • Barney's costume looks like his 1992 cartoon design.
  • Baby Bop's costume looks like her 1993 cartoon design.
  • BJ's costume looks like his 1997 cartoon design.
  • Riff's costume looks like his 2008 cartoon desgn.
  • The premiere was held on the site of "A Day in the Park with Barney" at Universal Studios Florida .
  • The official trailer samples the song "Oath to You" by Cher Lloyd. But the song never appears in the movie itself.
  • The first script draft was based on Stephen White's original script for Barney's Great Adventure, however it seemed to recycle ideas from that film.
  • The Adventure Bus returns to the Barney franchise and makes its debut for a long time since the home video, and its first theatrical appearance
  • If seen, the Barney doll from Barney's Great Adventure is used

Photo 218

Barney and the kids hug after a long journey.

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