Barney & Friends Season 1 episodes (Hebrew) is a Hachaverim Shel Barney episodes aired on September 1st 1997 to December 26, 1997


  1. Let's Imagine with Barney
  2. Family is Love
  3. Play Safely!
  4. Hands in the Air
  5. Eating Right with Barney!
  6. Four Seasons of Fun!
  7. Colors
  8. Transportation Fun!
  9. Sharing and Caring
  10. Fun at the Farm
  11. Learn about Shadow?
  12. Happy Birthday!
  13. Alpha Bet
  14. Help Protect the Earth
  15. Rhymes with Mother Goose
  16. Tosha's Can Be a Friend
  17. Buggy Friends!
  18. What I Want to Be!
  19. 5 Senses of Fun!
  20. Music is Fun!
  21. Neighborhood Fun!
  22. We Are Going Camping
  23. Best Manners
  24. Numbers
  25. Fun at World of Music
  26. Doctor is Fun!
  27. Feelings of Fun
  28. Happy Homes
  29. Welcome to Mexico!
  30. Friends are Special

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