Barney & Friends Season 3 Episodes (Hebrew) is a Hachaverim Shel Barney aired on October 26, 1998 to April 21st 2000.


  1. Planting on Very Garden
  2. Shoe Fun!
  3. Our Favorite Rooms
  4. Fire Safety!
  5. Shopping Party Fun!
  6. Having Fair Festivial!
  7. A Scavinger Fun!
  8. Making New Friends!
  9. Fun at Welcome Home!
  10. Clean Up, Clean Up
  11. Taking Care of Pets
  12. Fishy Friends!
  13. A World of Animals
  14. Rainy Days, Indoor Fun!
  15. Jungle Adventure!
  16. All Aboard for Sharing
  17. Go for a Ride in the Car
  18. Sailing to Magical Island
  19. BJ's Hats
  20. Flying in a Airplanes

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