Barney - Let's Go to Mr. Snowman's Holiday Adventure Igloo: The Movie/Musical/Video Game/SD/Magazine/TV Guide/Special/Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade/Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious/Cleaning Adventure/Stuff is a video released by The Loyns Group in 4154.


Barney takes the kids to Mr. Snowman's party lair of epic awesomeness to fight ice ninjas and snow pirates, and maybe the most elusive person known to man: Heat Miser. Heat Miser wishes to destroy Mr. Snowman and the ice planet of Alaska, so Mr. Snowman, Barney, and the kids raise money to destroy Heat Miser and save the world from global warming. Barney and the kids fail and the world burns. As it turns out, it was Rickety Carturr's dream. Wait..we already did about, it was his dream, and that dream was Lauren King's dream, and that dream was Barney's dream, and that dream was imagined by a 3 year old with raging stupidity. Wait..that's not a disease.. That's it! I'm a genius! :-D

(not yet) DA END.


  1. Brany Theem Sung
  2. Wut Mak a flour sew prity (Mai Mahmah sow prity)
  3. Ice-E Creem-E Aise Crimee (Culd und Swit vurseeun)
  4. Mr. KnockerBonker
  5. Mistar Snoh-Man
  6. Misseur Bonhomme de Neige (Bonjour, Can-Can Girls!)
  7. Sellie Sowndz
  8. Señor Muñeco de Nieve (Hell-Oh Mexican Hat Dance)
  9. Census Song
  10. מר איש שלג (Mistur Sno-Mahn - Hava Nagaila Mix)
  11. Ef Aww da Reign-Drops
  12. Guten Tag Herr Schneemann (Hellow Meester Nat-See)
  13. Is Cu-cu-cu-cu-cu-ald Boooooore
  14. Halló herra Snjókarl (Mai FrowZen Test-Icles)
  15. Dlrow Llams A S'ti
  16. ハローミスター雪だるま (Harro Mista Snoh Mawn)
  17. Sense-us Song
  18. It's A Giraffe (BRRR!)
  19. Cleen Uh-puh
  20. I ruv yew

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