Super Singing Circus it a Barney Home Video was originally released in May 6, 1997


Barney: Voice: Bob West Body: David Joyner

Baby Bop: Voice: Julie Johnson Body: Jeff Ayers

BJ: Voice: Patty Wirtz Body: Jeff Brooks

Stephen: Chase Gallatin

Chip: Lucien Douglas

Kim: Erica Rhodes

Ashley: Monet Chandler

Robert: Angel Velasco

Curtis: Monte Black


  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. The Animal Fair
  3. Do You Ever Have Silly Things
  4. Puttin On A Show
  5. Respect
  6. Games
  7. I Just Can't Wait
  8. When The Circus Comes To Town
  9. The Marching Song
  10. I Am A Fine Musican
  11. The Rainbow Song
  12. The Airplane Song
  13. Taking Turns
  14. I Used To Be Afraid
  15. Laugh With Me
  16. Our Animal Friends
  17. When The Circus Comes To Town (reprise 2)
  18. I Love You

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