Barney fans' wishes on Season 3 is a wishing thing made by Barney fans.

SuperMalechi's wishes

  1. Michael, Amy, Luci, Adam and Jeffery would appear on some early Season 3 home videos, as well as my custom Backyard Gang cast members.
  2. David and Kelly would appear in some Season 3 episodes, as well on some home videos (1994-1997).
  3. Derek and Tina would be main characters after "On The Move"
  4. The cast would've been Barney, B.J, Baby Bop, Shawn, Carlos, Jason, Tosha, Kathy, Min, Juan, Kenneth, Derek, Tina, Kelly, Julie, David, Stella the Storyteller and Mr. Boyd.
  5. The kids (later in Season 4-6) in some Season 3 home videos in 1995-1997, to appear with this cast, would've be Hannah, Kim, Stephen, Robert, Chip, Keesha, Kristen, Maria, Rebbeca, Aaron (a homemade cast member), Shirlee (a homemade cast member), Ashley & Alissa and Jesse.
  6. This season would have 30 episodes instead of 20.

TheVideoTour1's wishes

BarneyBJBabyBopandRiffFan's wishes

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