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Us permit the fact that it goes to the movie park (Otherwise known as Barney - Let's Go to the Park: The Movie) is a Barney Hoe Video released in 2004 by The Loyns Group, in essence their second video. In this movie, Barney and friends go to a park.


Barney and friends go to a park.


  • Alexander Graham Bell - David
  • George Washington - Stephen
  • Joan of Ark - Loosey (I'M HOOOOOOME!)
  • Jesus - Barney (costume)
  • God - Mr. Sun
  • Aslan - Barney (voice, pitched down to +16)
  • Walt Disney - Bank teller
  • Albert Einstein - Professor Tinkerputt
  • Zac Efron - Mr. Snowman
  • Pocahontas - Mocha store owner place thing
  • The MGM Lion - Baby Bop (costume)
  • Betty White - Baby Bop (voice)


  1. Barney Theme Song (pitched up to -9000)
  2. Never Gonna Give You Up
  3. The Assumption Song
  4. Let's Go Let's Go Park Park Park Park
  5. Back In Time

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