Letters and Numbers with Barney! is a custom Barney & the Backyard Gang video released in October 27, 1988.


When the toy letters and numbers that the Backyard Gang already played jumped out of the box where they keep the letters and numbers and ran away from the backyard, Barney & the Backyard Gang look for it.


  • Barney (Voice: Bob West / Body: David Voss)
  • Michael (Brian Eppes)
  • Amy (Becky Swonke)
  • Tina (Jessica Zucha)
  • Luci (Leah Gloria)
  • Jason (Salim Grant)
  • Adam (Alexander Jhin)
  • Mom (Sandy Duncan)
  • Dad (Bob Reed)
  • Happy Tap Dancers
  • Mr. George The Silly Hat Sale Man (Tom Kenny)
  • Mr. Jim The Ice Cream Chef (Danny DeVito)
  • Brave Knight (Rick Moranis)
  • Royal Dragon (Ray Henry)


  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. I Love You
  3. Let's Play Together
  4. Games
  5. Alphabet Song
  6. Alphabet Chant
  7. Numbers, Numbers
  8. Carnival of Numbers
  9. Try and Try Again
  10. I Am Learning to Spell My Name
  11. The Ants are Marching
  12. Books are Fun
  13. The Cookie Song
  14. Happy Dancing
  15. Do Your Ears Hang Low?
  16. When I'm a Firefighter
  17. And the Green Grass Grows All Around
  18. A Silly Hat
  19. Icy Creamy, Ice Cream
  20. Jungle Adventure
  21. My Kite
  22. London Town
  23. Mail Song
  24. The N Game
  25. Castles So High
  26. Old King Cole
  27. The Sleeping Princess
  28. The Queen of Hearts
  29. Roller Skating
  30. Skating, Skating
  31. Sailing, Sailing
  32. We've Got Shoes
  33. The Tiger Song
  34. Way Up in a Tree
  35. The Animal Doctor
  36. The Muffin Man
  37. Bumpin' Up and Down
  38. The X-Ray Song
  39. Polly Wolly Doodle
  40. Yankee Doodle
  41. What Will We See at the Zoo?
  42. A Great Day of Counting
  43. Find Your Numbers in Your House
  44. Three Little Monkeys Rap
  45. Three Bears Rap
  46. Four Seasons Day
  47. Five Little Butterflies
  48. The Five Senses Song
  49. Six Little Ducks
  50. There Are Seven Days
  51. This Old Man
  52. Ten Little Fingers and Toes
  53. Ten Little Indians
  54. Ten Litte Apples
  55. Ten Little Indians
  56. Diez Amigos
  57. The Fishing Song
  58. Number Limbo
  59. I Can Laugh
  60. Write a Story
  61. Are You Sleeping?
  62. The Alphabet Parade
  63. A Big Parade of Numbers

End Credit Music

  1. Alphabet Song


  • Barney has his 1988-1989 costume and voice.
  • The Barney costume used in this home video was also seen in "The Backyard Show".
  • The musical arrangements used in "The Backyard Show" is also heard in this video.
  • This version of I Love You has the same arrangements from "A Day at the Beach" and a mix of vocals from "The Backyard Show" and "A Day at the Beach".
  • This is another time Time Lapse is used. It was when the toy letters and numbers that the Backyard Gang already played jumped out of the box and ran away from the backyard.
  • During a scene in which the toy letters and numbers that the Backyard Gang already played jumped out of the box and ran away from the backyard, the music from "The Backyard Show" (when Barney & the Backyard Gang that Mom's coming) is used.
  • This is the first time Barney falls or lays down. This time, after the song Roller Skating, he roller skates too fast, falls down, crashes into the toys, and hurts his tail a little.
  • When Barney yells "Whoa!" while he is rollerskating to fast, the sound clip is taken from "Playing it Safe", except it was pitched down to -5 and mixed with Barney's 1988 voice.
  • During a scene when Barney is rollerskating too fast, the Season 1 version of Runaway Theme with a 1988 arrangement is used, except it was a custom remix of the Season 1's version of Runaway Theme. It will be also used in Thomas and Friends Season 1 episodes (with the 1988 arrangement part cut off).
  • When Barney falls down, and crashes into the toys after he roller skates too fast, the crash sound is taken from "James in a Mess".
  • This is the first time Barney hurts himself. This time, he hurts his tail a little. Then, Tina puts a big bandage on Barney's tail to make it all better.
  • On the original and rereleased covers, the cover is purple with letters and numbers on it.
  • First appearances of Howie and Samantha.


Quote 1:

  • Michael: [after the song Let's Play Together] Amy, I can't wait to show the toy letters and toy numbers to show our mom and dad.
  • Amy: It sure is, Michael.
  • [the toy letters and the toy numbers jumped out of the box that the Backyard Gang already played]
  • Tina: What's happening?!
  • Luci: I don't know, Tina!
  • Adam: Oh, no!
  • Amy: How we gonna get them back, Michael?!
  • Michael: We got to find them! Let's go!!
  • [kids clamoring]
  • [the toy letters and the toy numbers run away]
  • Luci: Man, we need help.
  • [fades to the Barney doll and the magic sparkles begins]
  • [the magical sparkles are heard]
  • [Barney comes to life]
  • Michael: What?!
  • [Barney giggling]
  • Kids: It's Barney!
  • Barney: Hi, kids!

Quote 2:

  • Amy: [after the song The Queen Of Hearts] There are so beautiful!
  • Barney: That's right, Amy.
  • [a brave knight in shining armor and the royal dragon appears on top of the castle]
  • Brave knight: Do not do that, Mr. Dragon.
  • [the royal dragon roaring fiercely and loudly]
  • Michael: What was that?
  • Tina: I will look at my binoculars to see something. [looks at her binoculars, and sees a brave knight and the dragon]
  • Tina: Look! It's the brave knight and the dragon!
  • Michael and Amy: Where?
  • Brave Knight: Hello.
  • Kids: Hi, Brave knight.

Quote 3:

  • Amy: [after the song Roller Skating] Wow! Michael, you did how to roller skate.
  • Michael: Thanks, Amy! I tried and I did not fall anymore.
  • Kids: Yes!
  • Barney: Look at me, kids! I'm rollerskating faster!
  • Barney: [still rollerskating faster] Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaah! Look at me! Whee! [giggling]
  • Kids: You go, Barney!
  • Barney: Thanks.
  • Michael: [gasps] Barney, becareful! You'll hurt yorself!
  • Barney: [giggles]
  • Jason: Uh-oh.
  • Amy: Oh, no!
  • Adam: He's going to crash if he does that!
  • Tina: Help!
  • Luci: It's okay, Tina!
  • Barney: Whoa!
  • [kids gasping]
  • Barney: Whoa! Oh.
  • Kids: Watch out for the toys!
  • Barney: WHOA! [falls on the ground and crashes into the toys as a loud crash is heard]
  • Kids: Barney! Are you alright?
  • [the Backyard Gang on their roller skates rush over to check on Barney]
  • Barney: [laying on the ground with the toys]
  • [the Backyard Gang help Barney for something]
  • Barney: Yes, but help get up here.
  • Tina: Sorry.
  • Barney: It's OK, Tina.
  • [Tina gets the bandage out of her backpack, and puts a big bandage on Barney's tail]
  • Barney: My tail is all better. Thanks, Tina.
  • Tina: You're welcome, Barney.

Quote 4:

  • Adam: We just wore our tiger masks to pretend to be tigers.
  • Barney: Wow! I like that idea!
  • [a tiger roaring is heard in the distance]
  • Michael: Did you hear that? What is it?
  • Amy: I think it's a tiger.
  • [tiger continues roaring]
  • Jason: There it is again!
  • Barney: Well, I think the tiger is coming to our backyard!
  • [a tiger comes into the backyard and roars loudly and ferociously]
  • Tina: [gasps] A real tiger!!
  • Kids: Huh?
  • Michael: Barney, there really IS a tiger, in our backyard. But do you think he's scary?
  • Barney: Don't worry, gang. He's not scary. He's very tame.
  • [tiger purring]
  • Barney and the Backyard Gang: Aww!
  • Michael: Here, kitty, kitty!

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