Mister Snowman is a custom original Barney song that first appeared in the 1992 Season 1 Video "Barney's Christmas Adventure" (November 4, 1992).


Hello Mister Snowman,

You look so happy today!

Oh, Boy Mister Snowman,

Do you have something to say ?

Oh, the weather outside is cold and lovely,

It makes everything look white,

The best holiday comes around this time,

And the trees, they look so bright

Hello Mister Snowman,

You look so happy today!

Oh, My Mister Snowman

Do you have something to say ?

Oh I love the clothes I get to wear,

Like a carrot, a scarf and some buttons there,

And my big top hat, fits just right,

Even though I have no hair

Hello, Mister Barney

You look so happy today

Hello, Mister Barney

What do you have to say ?

Sleds and Sleds and Sleds I see,

Lots of children have fun!

But when the day's almost done and it's time to come in,

Have some warm hot chocolate to fill our cold chins

It's fun Mister Snowman

When we play out in the snow

Goodbye Mister Snowman

There's lots of kids playing in the snow

Time to go!


  • Everytime this song is sung, the snowman from "Waiting for Santa" shows up but over the years some upgrades happen to the costume.

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