Riff is a 6-year-old, orange Hadrosaur with a yellow tummy who wears green sneakers and yellow socks. He is Baby Bop and BJ's cousin.


Riff likes making music and inventing things to help or interest his friends, even though sometimes they would break eventually. He likes marching bands and parades like Barney does.


Riff is all about music-it's in his voice, his heart, and his every move. Even his name is a kind of music. When he first appeared in the season 10 episode Welcome, Cousin Riff, he was shy and didn't know how to make friends, until Barney helped him. Whenever he's excited or he just has a good idea, his crest lights up. He's very outgoing and optimistic when it comes to being with his friends and his cousins. He knows how to use any kind of instrument in the the world. He usually gets discouraged if his inventions don't turn out right, like the Litterbot, which was supposed to pick up litter but just made more, but he did make a fire alarm in the home video, Let's Go to the Firehouse. He can easily catch on to any song Barney and his friends sing.


Riff's mostly orange with green diamond spots almost all over his body, including his yellow stomach. He wears yellow socks and green low-top sneakers with purple laces. His central forehead is yellow with yellow/purple hair. His crest has three green waved shapes on top, one on the right side, two on the left side of his head, and one at the back of his head. He is the only dinosaur with spikes on his back and tail instead of spots.

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Riff's cartoon image


Costume Actors 

  • Adam Brown (2006-2008)
  • Jeff Ayers (2008)
  • Jerad Harris (2008-Present)

Voice Actors

  • Michaela Dietz (2006-present)
  • Mahalia Brown (Barney Live! World Tour - A Celebration!) (2015)[1]

Riff first appearanced was "Let's Make Music (2006)" (September 5, 2006).