Stella the Storyteller is a character who appeared in the Barney franchise from 1997 [[1]] up to 2008 [[2]]. She was played by the actress [Cicero|Phyllis Cicero].


Stella's job is traveling around the world and the galaxy including Tatooine and Coruscant to tell stories. On many occasions, she has visited Barney and his friends, usually by something they said. She always brings new stories to tell, coming from locations like Greece, Mexico, Brazil and many more places. If available, the good-bye phrase has been pronounced in a different language before Stella leaves.

Stories/Memories that Stella tells and Countries she visits

[3|Season 3] ([[3]]-[[4]])

  1. [and Louis: The Two Brothers|Paolo and Louis: The Two Brothers] ([for Everyone|Room for Everyone]) - Brazil
  2. [Moo, Cluck Cluck, Tweet Tweet Tweet|Moo Moo, Cluck Cluck, Tweet Tweet Tweet] ([for a Surprise!|Shopping for a Surprise!]) - Martinique
  3. [Little Red Hen|The Little Red Hen] ([Way You Slice It|Any Way You Slice It]) - Texas, USA
  4. [Fisherman and his Wife|The Fisherman and his Wife] ([Fishing!|Gone Fishing!]) - Tahiti
  5. [Lion and the Mouse|The Lion and the Mouse] ([Safari|Camera Safari]) - Thailand
  6. [Little Engine that Could|The Little Engine that Could] ([Who on the Choo Choo?|Who's Who on the Choo Choo?]) - Scotland
  7. [Treasure of Coco Island|The Treasure of Coco Island] ([Ahoy!|Ship, Ahoy!]) - Italy
  8. [Three Butterflies|The Three Butterflies] ([We Go!|Up We Go!]) - Japan
  9. [[5]] / [[6]] / [and the Three Bears|Goldilocks and the Three Bears] ([Upon a Time (video)|Once Upon a Time]) - Norway / Hawaii

[4|Season 4] ([[7]])

  1. [Elephant and the Mouse|The Elephant and the Mouse] ([Day of School|First Day of School]) - India
  2. [Gingerbread Man|The Gingerbread Man] ([for Mr. MacRooney|Waiting for Mr. MacRooney]) - Holland
  3. [Story Quilt|The Story Quilt] ([Tradition|It's Tradition]) - Mexico
  4. [City Mouse and the Country Mouse|The City Mouse and the Country Mouse] ([Different Kind of Mystery|A Different Kind of Mystery]) - Australia
  5. [North Wind and the Sun|The North Wind and the Sun] ([Breezy Day!|Easy, Breezy Day!]) - Chicago, Illinois, USA
  6. [Princess and the Frog (story)|The Princess and the Frog] ([a Pond a Time|Once a Pond a Time]) - France
  7. [Time for Counting|It's Time for Counting] - Germany

[5|Season 5] ([[8]])

  1. [Dog and his Shadow|The Dog and his Shadow] ([Places|Trading Places]) - Greece
  2. [Young Girl Who Lived in a Shoe|A Young Girl Who Lived in a Shoe] ([One and Only You|The One and Only You]) - London, England
  3. [Rainforest|The Rainforest] ([a Rainy Day!|It's a Rainy Day!]) - The Amazon Rainforest
  4. [and the Wheelbarrow|Glenda and the Wheelbarrow] ([Does It!|Easy Does It!]) - Finland
  5. [Soup|Stone Soup] ([a World We Share|What a World We Share]) - Arizona, USA

[6|Season 6] ([[9]]-[[10]])

  1. [Little Red Hen|The Little Red Hen] ([Time!|Snack Time!]) - France
  2. [Soup|Stone Soup] ([Me In!|Count Me In!]) - Colorado, USA
  3. [Turns (story)|Taking Turns (story)] ([Who at the Zoo?|Who's Who at the Zoo?]) - Ghana, Africa
  4. [Three Little Pigs|The Three Little Pigs] ([Home to Me|It's Home to Me]) - Michigan, USA
  5. [Yourself|Be Yourself] ([Are Special|You Are Special]) - Egypt

[12|Season 12] ([[11]])

  1. Barney's Memory Book ([Best of Barney|The Best of Barney]) - Mexico


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