Barney & Friends

The Wind and Sun

Season 4, Episode 4


November 20, 1997

Written By



On the Go


Changing of the Seasons

Directed By

No information

The Wind and Sun is the sixth episode of the Alternate version of Season 4 of Barney and Friends.


B.J and Baby Bop bicker over the sun being better than the wind and the wind being better than the sun. So Stella drops by and tells them the story of The North Wind and the Sun. After the story they both decide that the sun and wind are really great.


  • Barney
  • B.J
  • Baby Bop
  • Ashley
  • Chip
  • Maria
  • Robert
  • Stella the Storyteller


  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Four Little Butterflies
  3. The Sun
  4. And the Green Grass Grows All Around
  5. My Kite
  6. The Barney Bag
  7. Sailing Out Over the Ocean
  8. Hey, Look at Me! I Can Fly!
  9. I Love You

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